Monday, 21 November 2011

Sani Peyarchi Palan 2011 - Kanni

On 21.12.2011 Wednesday Sani Bhagawan moves from kanni raasi to thula raasi. Sani Bhagawan Is relieving you from the acute hardships of janma sani. The days of untold miseries are gone. This does not mean that everything is going to turn upside down. The solution is, when you are correcting them, dab it with kindness! Problems connected with assets should be dealt with due care. Businessmen would be getting the payments, but delay may be there. Grading people as friends or foes would not be an easy job. So artists should avoid discussing their problems with others. Patience is essential for self entrepreneurs to get the required help .   There will be financial losses. The ventures which you conceived as great prospects will push you down into the dark room, where you will not find as easy way out. There will be struggle in business and profession. Worshipping Sani Bhagawan and visiting Thirunallar or Erikuppam will solve problems.   From 21.12.2011 to 18.05.2012 some faces accidents, health hazardness, some ladies faces indirect health problems to avoide these factors, worshipping yanthra shaped Sani Bhagawan for six months and lighting 8 sesame deepam and offering archanai to on Saturdays and offering food for 8 people will pave the way for goodness. Then Visiting Thirunallar or Erikuppam Sani Bhagawan Temple and on Wednesdays visiting Thiruvengaadu temple will give you goodness.   From 19.05.2012 to 19.05.2013 in these periods good deeds will happen. Upliftment in life, properties issue will be solved and pilgrimage visit will happen.   From 20.05.2013 to 21.06.2014 in these periods some government job holders will face small crisis. Following the above mentioned things will lead in god directions. Based on your thasa bhuthi bad and good happenings will happen.

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